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Please note package prices only apply after the initial consultation

Reflexology (per session) including your first appointment £45.00

Reflexology with hot stones. £50.00

Course of 4 reflexology sessions (booked and paid in advance). £160.00
After initial session

Bodytalk session (includes distant sessions). £45.00

Stone soul treatment. £60.00

Ear Candling (please ask for a price)


Ear candling has been practiced for hundreds and thousands of years and is thought to date back to the Hopi Pueblo tribe in the south western part of American. In the 1980's a German Company, Biosun, obtained the original recipe and with further testing and modification developed them for a world wide market.

The Ear candles are made from pure beeswax, honey extract, traditional herbs such as sage, St. John's Wort, Camomile and pure essential oils. Pesticide free untreated cotton is used and all components are regularly tested and the Biosun product carried a CE mark.

The candles themselves are not a conventional type of candle. They are hollow tubes with no wick inside. They are cylindrical in shape so they just sit at the entrance to the ear canal. Biosun candles contain a filter a few inches from the end of the candle to protect the ear canal from any wax or excessive herbal powder. The candle is placed at the entrance to the ear canal and lit, this produces a feeling of warmth in the ear. This causes a chimney like effect and the movement of the flame creates a gentle massage effect on the ear drum. You may hear a sizzling sound as the candle burns down.

Please email me at or ring 01252 515814 or 07810 634712 for an appointment. Leave a message if I am not available and I will return your call as soon as possible.

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