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Reflexology is a natural therapy using therapeutic touch on the feet - pressure is applied to different parts of the feet which can produce a beneficial effect on the whole body. Reflexology is an holistic therapy working on mind, body and spirit. It is suitable from birth to old age but there are some contra-indications e.g. open wounds, contagious diseases or infections, nerve damage to the feet, fractures of the feet etc.

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Reflexology is a very old therapy, dating back to 2500-2300 BC and a pictograph was found in an Egyptian tomb. It can help the person to relax, improve mood, aid sleep, helps to relieve tension and improves a sense of well-being.

The Reflexologist does not diagnose nor attempt to cure specific medical conditions, that is for your GP or Specialist. Many health professionals are happy for reflexology to be used alongside conventional medical treatments. I would always encourage my clients to discuss with their health care provider that they are receiving reflexology treatments.

Each person is unique and reflexology provides an holistic approach to help improve quality of life.

I am passionate about reflexology and its benefits, having experienced them for myself over many years. I have an interest in fertility issues and Pregnancy and further details can be found below.

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The Reflexology Session

Each session normally lasts about an hour. The first session will normally be a little longer as a history will be taken. To gain the most benefit from reflexology it is recommended that you have 4-6 treatments on a weekly basis to start off with, and then have monthly appointments. However just one treatment may bring about change. The cost per treatment is £40 or if you book and pay for four in advance, following the first appointment, the cost is £140 instead of £160.

The treatment consists of some relaxing massage on the feet and then a firm and steady pressure is applied to the reflex points in a steady flowing technique. Some people worry that it may feel 'ticklish' but this has not been a problem for any of my clients to date.

I now use a range of creams especially developed for reflexology from the Aromatree Company ( If you are pregnant then none of the ingredients in the Relax cream are contra-indicated but I also have a plain cream with nothing added to it if you prefer.

Reflexology with Hot stones

You can now choose to add an extra dimension to your reflexology treatment by adding hot stones. There is an additional charge of £5 and it must be pre-booked to allow time for the stones to heat up.

After the Session

As everyone is unique there will be different reactions after a reflexology session. Most people feel relaxed and have a sense of well being, many clients report sleeping really well following a treatment. If you can rest for at least a couple of hours and drink some water, when you return home after your appointment this will help to you to gain the most from your treatment. Should you have any reaction, which should be transitory please let me know.

Stone Soul Therapy

This is a newly developed therapy by La Stone (originators of stone therapy) for qualified reflexologists. La Stone originated in 1993 by Mary Nelson in Tuscon Arizona and has its roots in native American Indian traditions and beliefs. It is based on the principles of geo-thermotherapy (alternating application of warmed and cooled stones) to the body. It aims to create balance and harmony allowing the body’s own healing capacities to work. For more information on La Stone therapies please visit The La Stone Web Site.

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Stone Sole is a full body treatment, in which the client remains fully clothed apart from the lower leg; and feet (so please wear a pair of trousers that can be rolled to the knee). It incorporates reflexology of the feet, hands and, if desired, the ears. The stones themselves have healing properties and they are carefully looked after by the therapist. The effects of a treatment will last up to 72 hours.It is therefore very important to drink lots of water during this time to flush away any toxins.

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The Treatment

The treatment uses a mixture of warmed and cooled stones depending on the client’s needs for that particular day, so no two treatments will be the same.
In brief, warmed and cooled stones are placed beneath the spine, aiding relaxation, then follows some energy work as the stones are placed on the Chakra points (energy centres).

The treatment continues with reflexology to the feet, then to the hands and ears to support the work done on the feet.

The stones are then removed and the client turns over more stones are placed on the Chakra points and reflexology is then applied to the plantar surface of the feet and then the hands.

The treatment finishes with a spinal spiral and comes to an end with the sounding of a singing bowl or Ting-sha. This is a truly holistic treatment, working on many levels and it has been described as ‘an amazing experience’ by those who have already tried it. The investment in this treatment is £55.

"A body in balance heals itself" – Eunice Ingham

Please email me at or ring 01252 515814 or 07810 634712 for an appointment. Leave a message if I am not available and I will return your call as soon as possible.

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