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For anyone thinking about having a baby a course of reflexology may help to prepare the body, mind and spirit to be working at its optimum to prepare for the miracle of conception and subsequently the growth and development of the foetus and ultimately the birth of the baby.

Fertility Issues

Many couples are finding that they are not conceiving as quickly as they hoped and for some it may mean having to go down the route of assisted conception.

Reflexology may help in both cases by helping relieve tension, improving mood and increasing the feelings of well-being.. For those who are having difficulty conceiving either before any further tests are carried out or who have been told that there is no identifiable reason, then six weekly sessions are recommended followed by on-going appointments on a monthly basis in the first half of the woman's menstrual cycle. But if you wish to have weekly or fortnightly appointments then this would also be a good option too.

As many factors come into play for conception to take place, you probably need to think in terms of committing to reflexology for up to a year. Each couple are individual, so for some it may happen quickly whilst others take a little longer.

Men and Fertility Issues

A lot of emphasis is put on treating the women but we should not forget the male side of the equation. Sperm counts have been declining over the last few decades, the predominant theory is because of environmental pollution. Therefore the overall health of the man is also very important too, so some reflexology for him too can be very beneficial at what can be a very stressful time for both partners. One of my aims this year is to encourage both partners to come for reflexology. I do have a couples rate, if you look at my price list.

Assisted Conception

For those having some assistance with conception, e.g. IVF, AI (artificial insemination) or ICSI then reflexology can also be very helpful. Having six sessions of reflexology prior to IVF helps to prepare for the process. Reflexology can continue until the embryo is transferred, with the approval of the clinic.

Reflexology for Fertility and Pregnancy. Foot with baby


From the moment of conception huge changes are taking place and reflexology may holistically support and maintain balance during the rapid changes which are taking place in the mother as the pregnancy progresses and the foetus grows.

The relaxation effect of reflexology may promote a sense of well being throughout the pregnancy.

Birth Preparation

For those who have not had reflexology regularly throughout their pregnancy then having some weekly sessions from 34 weeks onwards helps the mother to relax and prepare for the birth. For those who have gone past their estimated delivery date the relaxation effect of a reflexology session may be helpful.

There is anecdotal evidence to suggest that reflexology may help shorten labour and require less pain relief. No one can foretell what an individual's birth experience will be but reflexology may help the mother to be in the best position possible for whatever she experiences.

It is always important to work with the mother's health care professionals and to inform them you are having reflexology.

Post-natal - The fourth Trimester

The fourth trimester is the three months following the birth. It is a really important time for the new mother as her body adjusts to the non pregnant state. She may also be exhausted from the birth, sleep deprived and hormones going all over the place. The balancing, harmonising and restoring qualities of reflexology are superb at this time as it naturally supports the mother as she cares for her new born baby.


Regrettably miscarriages do occur, this is a very difficult and emotional time for the parents as they come to terms with their loss. Reflexology with its balancing and relaxing effect on the whole body may be helpful at this time.

You can email me at for further information or an appointment, Or ring 07810 634712 Or 01252 515814 if you have any questions, which are always welcomed. Leave me a message if I am not available and I will return your call as soon as possible.

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